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On the router web interface, go to the Basic Setup page (Setup -> Basic Setup). You can leave “Local DNS” disabled if you don’t know what it does. Probably the most important option here is to set the cache-size. Category: Smart DNS Proxy.

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Go to the Administration tab and choose Commands. Within the Network Address Server Settings , enter for Static DNS 1 and for Static DNS 2. Configure the OpenVPN Settings . For versions of DD-WRT with User Pass Authentication Smart DNS is a combination of Domain Name Server (DNS) Once you switch to a smart DNS set of nameservers, all of your DNS queries will be sent to those DNS servers.

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I'm currently running DD-WRT v23 build 15/Jun/2006 at the office.

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I add the dynamic DNS service to my dd-wrt router and I can access it (web ui) from Internet. I install the no-ip on my  If your raspberry is inside the LAN of your dd-wrt broadband router, what you need is adding port forward from the WAN side to your Pi. How to Set Up Free DDNS (Dynamic DNS) on DD-WRT Router If you want to host a Website, a FTP server or a Game   Set-up DynDNS. It is a good idea to On DD-WRT enabled router, this can be done through NAT/QoS tab: www.dnsexit.com; www.d On the DD-WRT Control panel –Setup – Basic Setup page set Automatic Configuration – DHCP as Connection type. Check router MAC address on the Status page and set it in the Network Configuration eth1 and Network Configuration ath0 MAC address field. Simply it turns regular DNS traffic into encrypted DNS traffic that is secure from eavesdropping and man-in-the-middle  One of those limitations has been it has been due to processing power on local home/small office routers.

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Ahora he actualizado a DD-WRT y por desgracia, el reenvĂ­o de puertos sĂłlo funciona para las solicitudes a la direcciĂłn IP externa desde fuera de la LAN. To setup L2TP VPN on DD-WRT router you will have to flash your router with DD-WRT firmware and set router local IP address as Also, verify if you are able to connect to Internet via Wi-Fi from your DD-WRT router. Also, we recommend to check if your network configuration and ISP allow L2TP/IPsec connections on on your PC or Mac. How to Set Up OpenDNS on your DD-WRT Router.

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address=/machine_or_domain_name/ip_address– where machine_or_domain_name is what you want to create/change DNS for (e.g. camera.example.com, google.com, intranet) and ip_address is the new IP address you want it to point to. Applythe settings to DD-WRT, and you should be all set. This is an example of what your DNSMasq settings may look like: Log in to your router, select “Setup” (3) and select “Basic Setup” (4).

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